Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting closer...

Judah is such a trooper. He will be two weeks old tomorrow night and he has had more IVs, pokes, and prods (not to mention open heart surgery) than I've had in my 29 years. The problem with IVs is that they only last so long.
The last one he had available failed today so we had to spend a long time trying to find another location for a new IV. After ruling out both feet and trying both hands, the IV therapy nurse decided to go for the scalp again. Although it looks bad, it seemed to hurt less than his hand and was easier to put in.

The big news of today is that we are ready to discharge. If there had been a bed available on the floor (also known as the med/surge floor) we would have gone today. We're hoping that a room opens up tomorrow so we can get in. We will miss the PICU but are ready to move on.

Judah's cardiologist is still stumped about the supposed blood clot in his left atrium. He decided that he'd try looking at it with an MRI today. The procedure was very long and didn't give us any more answers. Thankfully, Judah didn't have to be inutbated for the process and woke up shortly after they finished.

We'll write more tomorrow hopefully...but for tonight I'm way too tired to type any more.

Goodnight :)



  1. We're so excited Judah gets to make the big move out of the PICU! We will be praying for a room to open. We will continue to pray for the blood clot.

  2. Hi....My name is Samantha. Got to know about ur little one through one my friends Bhavani....Dont worry...Judah will be fine and alright. I prayed for him and will continue to pray.

    All The Best. May u all be at peace and may Judah recover and be in good health.

  3. Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated with Judah's progress.

    You are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

    God is great!

    ~Raj & Bhavani.

  4. Judah is just darling. I am continually praying for you all.

  5. Matthew...I see your Grandpa in his beautiful face (: