Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home, a belated post

This entry was written yesterday but we were too tired to post it....

So the routine lately has been me staying home in the morning and getting nehemiah up. Usually passing him off to his grandpa and then I sleep a little more. Later I wake up and then hang out with him. Well things didn't really go according to plan today.

Right when I went back to sleep, Kirsten text me saying our surgeon said he could go home. It was good the hear but he was not the one who makes the decision. 30 second later I get another text that the pediatric cardiologist, the one who does make the decision, said he could go home also. This was a bit unexpected so the house flew into motion to prepare.

By the the time I got the hospital they had taken everything off. No more nasal canula, he had gone 3 hours keeping his oxygenation level high enough, no more IV, no more stomach IV, and no more sensors to track his heart rate, respiration and oxygenation. This is the first time since he has been born that he has not been hooked up to these sensors. It was also the first time we had seen him without some sort of breathing apparatus on his face. When I walked through the door Kirsten was holding him walking around the floor we were on. He had never been more that 2 feet from his bed.

Unlike when we went home with Nehemiah getting out of the hospital was quite fast. We were home by 12 which was right before Nehemiah's nap. So Nehemiah got to me baby brother for the first time. He was quite curious and want to watch him. He touched him a little bit. He also likes to tell us what he's doing. Baby Brother's crying. Baby Brother diaper. Baby Brother poopy. He would be a great play by play announcer.

It has been quite surreal being home with him. His whole existence he has been in the hospital. Now he's home and we're doing normal new baby stuff which is so different that what we have experienced so far. Also for the first time the whole family was able to sit together. Usually somebody is at the hospital or having to do something else for Judah. It no longer felt like we were torn between being in two different places.

So it seems like we're a whole family which we wondered if that would every come. It felt like at the hospital for a months not weeks. We have more appointments over the next weeks to check up on things and we have medication to give but that should only last a few months. They still don't know where the clot is so people can pray that is dissolves and does not become an issue. Also pray that nehemiah and us would deal well with the transition home.

So our baby boy is fixed! Its been a long road but we'd like to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers and concerns. We'll update the blog with more information as we know it.



  1. I just wanted to let you know that our family is very happy for you all right now. God's miracles are amazing and we will continue to pray for the clot and weeks ahead. Peace.

  2. It is so clear that God created family. And praise Him that yours is all together now and that the simple act of enjoying a meal together is joy!

  3. Praise God! So glad you're home and that Judah is doing so well, so quickly!

  4. We are very glad that you are all home together now. Congratulations!

    Our best wishes and blessings for Judah's quick recovery.

    We Continue to pray for you all...

    -Raj & Bhavani