Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still waiting...

So I'm going to make this quick because we've had too many late night....

First, Judah was breathing well and everything looked good for him. But for some strange reason the x-ray of his lungs showed clogging in both lungs so much so that the doc ran to the room thinking he would have an impossible time breathing. Luckily that was not the case he was breathing just fine and his oxygenation was 100%. The doc said it is one of the bigger cases where the x-ray shows one thing but the patient is behaving totally different. Luckily the doc didn't go crazy because of the x-ray and take him off feeding and put him back on air. Judah has done great the whole day and Kirsten has been nursing him. They are going to get another x-ray tomorrow hopefully it will more consistent with his appearance and show all clear.

Also because of the x-ray of his lungs they wanted to look at the heart again just to rule out that it had anything to do with the lung issue. They didn't think so but while looking around they did find a blood clog. They were not sure if it outside the heart and just part of the operation or inside the heart. If its outside no big deal if it's inside then they would have to give him anti-clotting medication to break it up. They don't think it's inside the heart but they can't be 100% sure so they are going to watch it over the next few days to see if it grows. If it does then it most likely on the inside of the heart. If its doesn't then they are comfortable declaring its on the outside. Obviously that is what we want. :)

Good night,

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  1. Kirsten & Matt,

    We are still following your blog closely & are praying for you all.

    God loves you more than you can imagine. Imagine that!

    We love you,
    Chin & Bao