Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 4

Well, Judah had to to back on the prostaglandins around midnight last night. Thankfully, he hasn't really been exhibiting any of the side effects of the drugs. His temperature is a little high but more importantly he has not had any episodes of apnea. Although we were really hoping that he wouldn't need the meds again, they really are helping him keep his oxygen saturation where it should be.

Because he is more stable on the prostaglandins, we were able to hold him again. This has been so much fun for Kirsten and I. Also, while we hold him, we can feed him breast milk through a bottle. Kirsten, also, got to kiss his head for the first time. These normal mother-son interactions have been great considering we do not get to take him home for a while.

The surgery will start on Monday around 7am.
They are going to move Judah to the PICU (which deals with cardiac patients after surgery) on Sunday morning sometime so they can monitor him before surgery. We are looking forward to the surgery because it will mean we are on the road to recovery...but it is also scary to think about. As we get to the final day before the surgery we need prayers that we will let God be in control of this whole procedure and remember that he cares for Judah just as much as we do.



  1. Matthew & Kirsten,
    Thinking about you guys, Nehemiah, and your precious baby boy Judah. Sending prayers and hugs your way. Take care and Much Love to you all! Lindsey & Aaron Robinson

  2. We are glad you have been able to enjoy periods of interaction and the small things like holding and feeding him as you prepare for surgery - so many answered prayers already. We will continue praying for peace, health, and wisdom as surgery quickly approaches.

  3. Dear family of Judah,

    I had the honor and privilege to get to know Kendra over the past year and just want to let you know that my family was in a similar situation when our middle child was born 22 years ago. It is our fervent prayer that you feel God's love and comfort as He puts the knowledge and skill into the medical team that is caring for Judah. Our experience taught us that God is there in every step (both forward and back), that God provides the strength needed at all times, and that His love will sustain you. Your family will be in our prayers as you face surgery and recovery. God be with you!

    Teri Langlie