Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Judah is here

Judah was born at 11:11 on the 22nd. He was 8 pounds and 11 ounce (still don't know the height) and very sick. The hole between the chambers of his heart that was going to let oxygenated blood mix was almost closed so he was not getting much oxygen. They did a procedure within the first hour or two that re-opened the hole.

Since then he has been much better. Kirsten and I have seen him in the NICU a few times and he no longer looks blue. Nice pink looking baby and otherwise normal except all the tubes hanging out of him. He's opened his eyes and looked at us. So everything is going good so far.

We will have the surgery to switch his veins on monday or tuesday. Its not 100% verified but they are pretty sure he has a slightly more complicated vein attachment to the heart. Also, there is a very slight chance he will have a really complicated vein attachtment but they seem to think that is rare. They will try to verify what we're dealing with in the next few days.

That about all we know at this point. Thanks for all your prayers and concern.


  1. all my heart could think to say was "I love you all"

  2. Congratulations again you guys! He's great! So far he has less tubes than Taylor did! =) The pictures bring back so many memories. I cherished the times Taylor would open her eyes and look around (the Morphine prohibited much alert time). So, I'm so thankful you've got to see his little eyes and see him move around! We can't wait to hear the labor story - glad you guys made it to the hospital! =)


  3. Know that God is with you as you go thru this life experience! Take care of eachother.

    Christi Dabney
    Franklin El.